Dedicated to Teaching
Adults and Children how to swim confidently

Our skilled coaches deliver maximum training to children and adults. Adult sessions are one-hour long while children get 30- minute intense sessions.

Swimming promotes physical development, enhances a individual’s natural flexibility, promotes proportional muscular development and hones motor control and coordination. Swimming is also a sport that will bring your fitness and enjoyment for life.

Learn to swim - Toddler

Toddler swimming sessions are available for swimmers below 2 years of age. Each child is assigned to one coach and progress is assessed.

Parental support is encouraged for all toddlers. Toddlers learn to adapt to water and get introduced to the basics of swimming. They are also encouraged to have fun in water as part of the adaptation process.

Learn to swim - Children

Get them swimming early – it’s the best way to make sure children grow up to be strong, confident swimmers. Swimming lessons for babies, toddlers & children are widely available at Swim Africa.  Children are taught the basic skills that are the building blocks of swimming. 

They also learn about pool safety, stroke development, use of personal flotation devices and Competitive Swimming.

Learn to swim - Adults

Its aimed at teaching adults the fundamental swimming and water safety skills. Catering for a wide variety of individual needs, coaches are able to tailor each class to suit the swimmers’ learning requirements and pace.

Whether you are having lessons for the first time and would like to be safer in water, or looking to improve your strokes, learn new strokes or improve endurance levels, we have the swimming classes for you!