Learn to swim for children

Dedicated to Teaching
individuals how to swim confidently

Swimming promotes physical development, enhances a child’s natural flexibility, promotes proportional muscular development and hones motor control and coordination. Swimming is also a sport that will bring your child fitness and enjoyment for life.

Learn to swim
for Children

Get them swimming early – it’s the best way to make sure children grow up to be strong, confident swimmers. Swimming lessons for babies, toddlers & children are widely available at Swim Africa.  Children are taught the basic skills that are the building blocks of swimming.  They also learn about pool safety, stroke development, use of personal flotation devices and Competitive Swimming.

Our hours for training children are as follows:

Monday- Friday : 9.00AM- 4.00PM

Saturdays: 9.00AM-12.30PM

Monday- Friday: 4.30PM- 5.30PM

Children can now participate in the Competitive  Swimming class in two categories.

Competitive  Class runs from Monday to Friday starting from 4:30 p.m to 5:30p.m. Saturday Competitive Swimming has been divided into two categories to accommodate all Swimmers whose level of swimming has tremendously advanced and strokes improved.

The  first category of  Advanced Competitive  Swimmers have their class running from 1:00 p.m to 2:00 p.m. This allows them to perfect all the strokes since at this level, all the strokes have been introduced and therefore perfecting them fully.The criteria for Elite swimmers for this class is Endurance and Stroke Refinement.

The Intermediate Competitive class runs from 2:00 p.m to 3:00 p.m. Swimmer who are in this level of Competitive swimming are taught how to develops their techniques  strokes in preparation for Competition. One has to show the desire to compete that is Introduction to Endurance.


  • Single lessons: KES 2000 (Group lessons) or KES 2500 (Individual lessons)
  • One term (3 months, 3-4 visits per week): KES 25,000
  • 10 one on one sessions: KES 20,000
  • 20 sessions (3-4 visits per week): KES 20,000
  • 10 sessions (1-2 visits per week): KES 14,000