Learn to swim for adults

Dedicated to Teaching
individuals how to swim confidently

SwimAfrica is the leading independent provider of swim instruction in Nairobi, Kenya. We are a student-centered swim programme focused on helping individuals to learn and improve their swim ability. We offer swimming programmes for all ages; adults, teens & children. Instruction takes place in a solar heated swimming pool located at Montessori Learning Centre, on Grevillea Grove in the Westlands area of Nairobi.

Learn to swim
for adults

Its aimed at teaching adults the fundamental swimming and water safety skills. Catering for a wide variety of individual needs, coaches are able to tailor each class to suit the swimmers’ learning requirements and pace. Whether you are having lessons for the first time and would like to be safer in water, or looking to improve your strokes, learn new strokes or improve endurance levels, we have the swimming classes for you!

For adult swimming sessions, our hours are as follows:


Monday- Saturday: 7.00AM – 9.00 AM (Split in one-hour sessions)

 Monday- Friday: 5.30PM-6.30PM
 Saturdays: 3.00PM-4.00PM

‎Monday- Friday: 4.30 PM-5.30 PM

‎Tuesdays and Thursdays: 8.00-9.00 AM

Aqua aerobics or aqua fitness sessions: –

Are aerobic exercises conducted in the shallow end of the swimming pool. It is a type of resistance training that focuses on aerobic endurance in an enjoyable atmosphere. It is a component of healthy living that over a long period of time, contributes to low blood pressure and a normal heart-rate. It burns calories, thereby contributing to steady weight loss over time. It is perfectly suited for both the young and elderly.

We have three levels available in our Adult Learn to Swim Program:

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