Located at Lang’ata Aqua Sailing Club, Swim Africa Lang’ata is our very first branch in a bid to expand our incredibly growing client base. Official operations began in 2017 and it has shown a great growth potential.

The current services available at Lang’ata are:



This service is currently available and in full effect. We have the most qualified coaches in the region offering 30-minute high intensity training sessions to children. Some of the best Skills Gala performers have come from Lang’ata region. We take pride in building skill after skill, stroke after stroke until our swimmers have perfected their art.



Adult swimming sessions are available at Lang’ata. The training sessions are one hour long. We also include aqua exercises to aid in physical fitness based on physicians’ orders.



We also pride in offering training to toddlers (tiny tots). This service is ideal to parents who are interested in water safety for their children from a young age. Our swimming pool is heated and therefore ideal for the little ones to prevent the body shock they get from being in cold water. Our staff is friendly in their handling of children. We often use toys to enhance their skills, capture their attention and create a fun environment.



At the moment, plans are underway to introduce soccer at Lang’ata. Over time, we will slowly but surely introduce the other services that are currently available at our Headquarters in Westlands.



To reach Swim Africa Lang’ata Branch directly, give us a call on 0790- 143 951