Excursions and other field activities are organized to give an outward feeling of adventure to the young ones and the coaches.

In December 2016, we organized a field excursion at Molito Farm, Limuru. There were several adventurous activities present like fishing and hiking, just to name a few.

The Essence of Excursions outside Swim Africa’s premises is to break the monotony of the environment and provide access to new challenges. They expand the adventure to other grounds and allows exploration of new activities. They also enhance the ability to improve the aesthetic sense of participants and aid in developing a co-operative attitude. They are a stimulant to the creative minds of participants; creation comes from exploring new experiences.

Rock-climbing excursions are a fun, thrilling and an adrenaline-rush activity that we pride in providing. The children learn to overcome the fear of heights and build their confidence as they do it more often. With the help of coaches, the children learn the basics of survival through the rock-climbing sessions. They learn to become wittier and more action driven, thus increasing their performance.

The excursions are great bonding sessions for coaches and the young souls.