Aqua Fitness

Attending Aqua Fitness
Classes regularly

Swimming promotes physical development, enhances a child’s natural flexibility, promotes proportional muscular development and hones motor control and coordination. Swimming is also a sport that will bring your child fitness and enjoyment for life.

Learn to swim
for Children

Attending Aqua Fitness Classes regularly provides you with many of the benefits of exercise, in a fun, safe and effective way:

  • Strengthen muscles and joints naturally when you use the resistance of the water against your body and aqua fitness accessories during exercises
  • Reduce stress and increase energy from the soothing and invigorating sensation of exercising in the water

Come prepared for an eye-opening, yet gentle and safe workout. Guided by a trained instructor, you’ll be led through activities with waterproof foam accessories, such as aqua noodles and foam hand weights, so you can work different muscle groups